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Intravenous (IV) infusion is the most common invasive procedure in healthcare globally, with over 80% of all hospital patients receiving IV medicine as part of their medical treatment. Problems in IV delivery are among the most challenging and expensive for healthcare providers.

Gasgon is motivated to tackle the challenges of making IV infusions better for patients and clinicians, striving towards a future where all IV medicine can be infused with confidence.
We are driven to deliver better solutions for patients and caregivers.
Working directly with doctors, nurses and care-givers, learning through their frontline experience,
we are developing specific tools to improve patient experience and clinical outcomes.


  1. Reduce waste and exposure of  fluid medicines and blood
  2. Deliver a more accurate infusion dose so patients are treated and recover faster
  3. Minimize risk for patients and nurses while driving down costs for healthcare providers


Gasgon Medical is an award winning start-up medical device company, based in Cork, Ireland, developing innovative fluid management products for the clinical market.


We are passionate about improving healthcare performance, excited to learn from and support the needs of medical staff, and helping them to deliver better patient outcomes.

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